I’m a creator of things,
an artist who creates intuitive and delightful products.


I am an artist and entrepreneur at heart who prefers working (and playing) in a fast paced hyper-collaborative environment. I'm passionate about people and tirelessly advocate for the end user. I shape the user experience of products and brands, bringing my visions to life and influencing industry change. I have 10+ years experience in design ranging from marketing creative to complex web and mobile solutions. I distill complex problems and propose simple, elegant solutions. I'm meticulous and excited about beautiful design, and love seeing products ship.

I build and lead awesome global teams of A-players. I bring a unique point of view to the table and bring out the best in my teams. I solicit feedback on my own work and add value to others' work. I love what i do!


I follow a general step by step process of Research > Sketch > Design > Deliver. Depending on the project, each step requires more or less attention. 

First: Research & Collect.
This is where I unpack the problem. Draw insights from the various people to discover the business challenge. I create a simple user story, define user personas, research competition, set the scope and inspiration.

Second: Low & High-fidelity Sketches.
I then draw multiple solutions on paper or whiteboards. These sketches include everything from body styles to component interactions, and so on. I then get feedback from stakeholders and together we narrow down the designs.

Third: Design & Prototype.
Then I design pixel-perfect comps and realistic-looking prototypes that you can click through to understand the experience. Any microinteractions are created as animated gifs to describe the interaction for development.

Fourth: Deliver & Revise.
I then present the prototype to clients and if possible users. I incorporate any viable feedback. Then prepare the designs for development.


Words that describe me
→ Proactive 
→ Energetic 
→ Enthusiastic 
→ Positive 
→ Entrepreneurial

Leadership qualities
→ Think Strategically
→ Make Smart Decisions Fast
→ Focus on Customer Success
→ Collaborate/ Communicate
→ Data Driven Results

→ UX Strategy
→ Design & Branding
→ Motivated Tech Evangelist
→ SaaS, Cloud, Mobile, App
→ Client Presentations/ Demos

I've Built
→ 30 Brands & Responsive Sites
→ 5 Native Mobile Apps  
→ 1 App with 15,000+ Features
→ Global Creative Team of 15+ 
→ 10+ Brand & App Style Guides 

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